Motorsport Art Gallery

As you maybe already know, my paintings are made with two medias. Oil on canvas and watercolors. Ussualy I work with very thin brushes, which allows me to capture all the details. With close look my painting are not so realistic as they become when you step a few meters away. If you order an original painting, I need to see the photo first to set the price. Then I need from two to three weeks to complete the painting, with oil on canvas some more because of the drying.

I use only high quality materials, colors, canvases and papers.

If you purchase an original, you get one giclee print as a bonus.

Some words about prints: I offer only high quality giclee prints, printed on a hard, quality paper and made only from a high resolution 400dpi scan, and NOT from a photo! So every detail and color in the picture is really captured!

I send oil on canvas in a special made wooden box, watercolors and giclee prints in a larger diameter hard tube. DHL express worldwide is my shiping partner, so the delivery is quick and safe. When item is sent, you get a waybill number, tracking code. DHL, with my experiences, needs three to five working days to deliver.

Shipping costs are included in the price!