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I am an artist from Slovenia, born 1971 in Ljubljana. As far I can remember I draw since I was a child and my love to mechanics is present all the time, too. I drew the first car very late, only at 14. I completed high school for mechanical constructing, but after two years as an employee in one of constructing office, I desperately wanted to study industrial design. My love for designing vehicles was so strong, that I could not standed anymore. So I decided to study on University of Ljubljana, Academy of fine arts, department for indistrial design.

Something happened to me there. Two years I was also visiting a class for art painting, and here I painted my first oil painting. That was a portreit of M. Schumacher on his Benetton Ford F1 car. Since then, from that moment on, I know preety close what I want to do in my life. No more designing vehicles, but painting them.

Anyway, I finished my study with honor, as an industrial designer, 1999. My diploma work was supersport motorcycle, and I made a 1:1 model all by my own hands.

After diploma I started to draw illustrations for the children`s books, magazines and this kind of art I am doing even today. I am also a main editor of one Slovenian children`s magazine and, time to time, I also work as an illustrator for Slovenian environmental institutes and National parks.

Cars and Motorcycles are my first love, so I paint them whenever I find the time. Its like an air to me. After first attempts with markers and dry pastels, I decided to create with only two medias: oil on canvas and watercolours. I love the details and every painting reflects my love to motorsport and mechanics. Catching the right colours, composition, structures and reflections on the surfaces, this are the main goals I try to achieve. Not to mention the spirit and athmosphere of that moment.

I brought my art to an outstanding fine art narration, which reflected in the details, hidden in the second plan of the paintings, like figures of spectators, trees, buildings, or just the abstract backgrounds. Most of all I love to paint motorsport history, racing cars and motorcycles, and the details of the engines.

Today I work as a freelance artist in Ljubljana, Slovenia. According to automotive art I choose motives by my own feelings, but I paint also by order or commission. I create from twenty to twenty five paintings per year, which is not much, but in every painting I try to reach a perfection as much as possible. I puting in my work a multi-layer message, energy and liveliness events of a certain physical and psychological moment. In my work spectators can see blending, density and transparency of the colours. And every time the spectator come back to the painting, he will discover something new. In short, you can not embrace the painting with just one look.

What future will brings, no one knows. Absolutely I want to discover new approaches to my work and new styles. And create many more new paintings!

Welcome and enjoy watching!

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